Castor Oil Pure



  • Clear Acne
  • Gives Healthy, Shiny Hair
  • Prevents Hair Fall
  • Treats Wrinkles
  • Thicken Eyebrows
  • Soothes Dry Skin
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Castor oil is also known as arandi oil, it can positively impact hair by stimulating circulation to boost its growth and by locking in moisture with its humectant properties. With its anti-fungal properties, castor oil can treat scalp infections by eliminating the bacteria and microorganisms that can cause hair loss, dandruff, and infection. To slow the appearance of graying hairs, castor oil can be applied to the scalp to prevent hair from further loss of pigment. With humectant properties that lock in moisture, castor oil can treat dry and damaged hair, making it thicker, shinier, softer, and smoother.

Directions for Use

You can apply castor oil to your hair, eyelashes & eyebrows to promote hair growth & enhance a healthy appearance. Warm up a small amount of pure castor oil and apply it to your hair for at least fifteen minutes before shampooing.

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