Face to Neck Glow White
Ingredients Octadecanoic Acid, Cetyl / Stearyl Alcohol C16:18, Cetearyl & Sodium lauryl Sulphate, Hexadecenoic Acid, 2 ethyl hexyl esters Titanium Dioxide / Alumina / Stearic acid / Zinc Oxide, Hydroquinone B-D Glucopyranoside, Niacinamide, Glutathione, 2 Hydroxy benzoic acid, Rose Hydrosol,...
Anti-Acne Tea Tree Bubble Foaming Face Wash
•    100% Natural Cleanser •    Made with Organic Ingredients •    For normal to oily skin clears acne & pimples and clarifies the Skin Why Charisma’s Anti-Acne Bubble Foaming Face Wash? •    Exfoliates Skin Gently •  ...
Pore Zero Primer
Ingredients Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone cross polymer. Isohexadecane and Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone cross polymer. Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclopentasiloxane.  
Powder to Foam Face Cleanser
Water-soluble cleansing powder for combination skin. The rich, gentle cleansing prepares the skin optimally for subsequent care and works ideally in combination with the Radiant Firming Tonic. Benefits Coconut Milk:  Nourishing & Hydrating. Sandal Wood Powder: Southing & Brightening Jajoba...
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